We like to think that occasionally the finite contains the infinite. As in that short story by Borges where a poet discovers a stairway in his attic that contains the whole universe.

It inspires us to think that a journey can reveal an essence, that some places express the whole in one small part. We love to find symmetries, relations, secret connections: jazz dissonances and counterpoints in a Piazzolla tango, Paul Klee’s use of shape and color in his porteño contemporary Xul Solar.

Our journeys are searches, intellectual adventures, experiences. As we move around the city, a glance reminds us of Monica Vitti in Antonioni’s La Notte, a woman smoothing her hair brings back Anna Karina from The Little Soldier, a Martini evokes Hemingway’s touching character, Colonel Cantwell.

We go along similar paths and journeys. We are eclectic, we are passionate about diversity and detail. We are contemporary, we are nomads, we are a new generation.

When we imagine the architecture of the future, some iconic green buildings come to our minds: Jean Nouvel’s Musée du Quai Branly, Renzo Piano’s Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, Caixa Forum headquarters in Madrid.

At Palo Santo Hotel, we foresee this trend. We propose a modern, intelligent luxury, a green stance because we cannot conceive a world that doesn’t remain beautiful forever. We think in terms of comfort, privacy, elegance and beauty.

Palo Santo Hotel