We are a green and design boutique hotel in Palermo, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Bonpland 2275, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Palo Santo Green Wall


Palo Santo Lobby Cascade
Green & Boutique Hotel


We like to think that sometimes the infinite can be held inside the finite, as in that story by Borges where a poet discovers a place in his attic that holds the whole universe.

For us, a journey can reveal an essence, and some places express the whole in one tiny part. We love to find symmetries, relations, and secret connections: jazz dissonances and counterpoints in a Piazzolla tango; Paul Klee’s use of shape and color in his porteño contemporary Xul Solar.

Our travels are intellectual adventures and experiences. As we wander in Buenos Aires, a glance reminds us of Monica Vitti in an Antonioni movie, a woman smoothing her hair brings back Anna Karina from The Little Soldier, and a Martini evokes our beloved Hemingway’s character, Colonel Cantwell.

We are eclectic and passionate about diversity and detail. We are contemporary, we are nomads: we are a new generation.

When we imagine future architecture, iconic green buildings come to our minds: Jean Nouvel’s Musée du Quai Branly, Renzo Piano, and Caixa Forum headquarters in Madrid. At Palo Santo Hotel, we propose a modern, intelligent luxury. We commit to the environment because we cannot conceive a world that doesn’t remain beautiful forever. We favor comfort, privacy, elegance, and beauty.