We are a green and design boutique hotel in Palermo, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Bonpland 2275, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Palo Santo Vertical Gardens
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Palo Santo is the first urban Green hotel in Argentina.

The hotel has been built to LEED standards. Palo Santo’s operations are environmentally friendly. We have carefully selected materials, equipment and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the hotel’s construction and operations.

Modern luxury must commit to preserving the environment. Palo Santo means smart luxury.

Discover the 33 innovations that make us truly green.

Rational use of energy:

  • Use of led and energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Use of movement detectors to avoid waste
  • VRV Inverter Air Conditioning System
  • Use of high-performance insulations
  • Energy-efficient elevators
  • Use of lights out cards to save energy

Rational use of water:

  • Rain water recovery
  • Water-efficient toilets
  • Intelligent administration of rainwater flow to the city’s sewer
  • Trickle irrigation

Use of durable and certified materials:

  • FSC-certified wood
  • Use of highly durable materials like marble and porcelanato
  • Noble mix of materials: iron, stone, concrete, wood
  • Use of cotton linen

Boosting insulation:

  • Double-glazed windows with internal air chamber
  • Insulated and soundproof floors (use of Isocrettechnology)
  • Insulated and soundproof walls (using Fiberglass and multiple wall layers)
  • Plants insulate the building roof
  • Vine plants insulate the building sides

Low emissions and CO2 recovery:

  • Over 800 ever-growing plants ensure CO2 absorption
  • Ecological pruning to avoid CO2 emissions
  • Ozone safe air conditioning equipment

Pure air, reducing pollution:

  • Air in rooms is filtered
  • Airflow in rooms is measured in order to avoid unnecessary conditioning
  • By using wallpapers we reduce the polluting effects of paint solvents

Reducing impact through service and operations:

  • Waste separation
  • Borrow-a-bike program
  • Certified low polluting laundry
  • Green cleaning products
  • Green laundry detergent
  • Eco-friendly amenities
  • Reduction of printed communication material
  • Eco supplies: pencils from renewable forests, biodegradable ink…
  • Our web-hosting provider has green credentials

Green Architecture
Palo Santo Hotel features a unique green architecture. Our walls, balconies, patios and roof are covered with plants. Our façades count with a specially designed iron structure that serves as a support for our 90-feet high vertical gardens. In total, over 800 plants are spread throughout the building.

Besides its wonderful aesthetics presence, the plants curtains have an ecological purpose. On the one hand, vertical gardens grant the building a natural insulation. On the other hand, the ever-growing plants continuously absorb our CO2 emissions.